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Name Ben
Alias smokie
Position Wiki Director
Location Huntsville, AL, USA
About Me

Hello! My name is Ben, better known as "smokie" in the gaming world. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. When i started playing Counter-Strike (CS) in 2000, my involvement in games transitioned from a fun thing to do to a real passion. During my CS playing days my team shockwave become one of the top teams in North America, peaking at the #4 team in North America. Additionally, I traveled all over central and Eastern US and Canada to attend 40+ events, where my team won many. From CS, I moved on to World of Warcraft where as a member of exodus I had several NA and World first boss kills.

As I transitioned through life, my passion for gaming always remained very strong. After obtaining my undergraduate degree with a dual major in history and philosophy, I was accepted into a Masters in History program. It was during an internship at the Detroit Historical Society that I realized my two passions, gaming and history(research, etc), could be combined via gaming wikis. My first wiki was DayZ Wiki. This wiki grew quicker than I could have ever possibly imagined and reached the point where I spent more time dealing with server performance issues than the actual content for the wiki. I saw Curse as a solution to these problems as their experience with wikis and gaming is unparalleled. Working for Curse on wikis has become a dream come true!


If you have any questions, issues, etc, don't hesitate to contact me either on IRC or at