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Red Essence Games
Red Essence Games
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Action RPG

Mask Of Semblance is a single-player fantasy action RPG in development for Windows by Red Essence Games.

Description[edit | edit source]

A boy wakes up in a mysterious place to find a sentient Mask artifact. The two will travel through a mysterious world seeking The Mask’s long lost master. Along the way, they will encounter others not so different from the boy…

Players will enter the living, breathing, hand-painted world of Mask Of Semblance. This 2D hand-painted Action-RPG focuses on stylish combat, cinematic storytelling, and moral decision making. The game is designed to be playable forwards and backwards for multiple styles of gameplay. Adventure alone or cooperatively with a friend.

You wake up in a cold, dark room.

The dust and smoke surrounding you shades your whereabouts with mystery. Your senses are stale from the timeless slumber you seem to have woken from. Pain is rushing through your body as you muster the power to stand up from your resting place. Your clothes, your name, your purpose...only a fragment of your memory persists.

“Dear Boy”, The Mask Begins, “Let’s Make A Deal...”

In Mask of Semblance you will be choosing paths, choosing sides, exploring, fighting, solving puzzles, and discovering secrets along your journey. You might also uncover some interesting facts about yourself in the process!

~ from the Red Essence Games site

System requirements[edit | edit source]

An XBox controller is recommended. We have no further information on system requirements at the time of this writing.

Game support[edit | edit source]

Mask Of Semblance Wiki is focused on creating the definitive guide to Mask Of Semblance. But while we make an effort to be complete, which may include game bugs and fixes for them, we are not an official game support channel. Please direct support requests to Red Essence Games on Discord or via their official site.

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